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Length of Presentation

Timings of presentations are as follows:
    Plenary speakers – 40 minutes
    Invited speakers – 30 minutes
    Other oral sessions – 20  minutes

All presentation slots should include a few minutes for questions.

Downloading your Presentation

Ideally your presentation should be saved on a laptop. Presentations can be made either from your own laptop or pre-loaded on the room’s master computer.  Connections are available in all lecture theatres that accommodate MacBooks and PCs (lightning port (Mac), HDMI, VGA).
Please bring a backup version, e.g. on a memory stick, which can be used for pre-loading.
If you would prefer not to bring a laptop, you can download your presentation onto conference room laptops from a memory stick. Room helpers will be available to assist with downloading your presentations.
Please find time to test that your presentation is working, well before the session in which you are presenting is due to begin.
Please retrieve your laptop/memory stick immediately after your presentation.