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Conference Proceedings

Online Proceedings of LPM2018

All accepted authors are requested to submit their manuscripts via the online submission system –  click here.

Closing date for manuscript submission: 25th June 2018

The Proceedings of LPM2018 will be published online after the Symposium and all participants will be provided with access information by e-mail from the LPM2018 Secretariat.

JLPS copyright policy permits authors to submit their proceedings papers to JLMN (see below). Submissions to JLMN are permissible provided the other expectations described herein are satisfied.
Authors submitting to journals produced by other publishers should verify the copyright and submission policies.
Authors wishing to submit papers that were presented at, or published in, a conference proceedings sponsored by organisations other than JLPS are responsible for adhering to the copyright policies related to that presentation or publication and are expected to disclose the prior presentation or publication history of the submission.

Contact: for further information.

Journal of Laser of Micro/Nanoengineering (JLMN)

In addition to conference proceedings, authors also have the option to publish their manuscripts in the online Journal of Laser Micro/Nanoengineering free of charge, see

Manuscripts will be peer reviewed and authors may suggest 3-5 possible reviewers. All manuscripts should be submitted as a regular article regardless of presentation types. Articles focused on technical or industrial developments may be considered as technical communications.

Please check “LPM/LAMP symposium” in the Type of Submission box, so that the publication fee is automatically waived.

JLMN Website: